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Victoria is one of our most skillful opticians. She loves the outdoors and even more so when she's accompanied by her two furry boys and her boyfriend.  Hiking, fishing, and sightseeing are a few of the things she enjoys most when exploring nature. 

Here are a few things she loves about being an optician: Getting to know patients and styling them and helping them choose a frame they'll love and feel confident wearing.  She also loves dealing with big repair jobs that include soldering and stapling frames. 

Here are some of the skills that make Victoria a great optician;  She's great with patients, she's able to adapt to any situation, and she's a jack of all trades.  

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Sheyenne is our perfectionist.  She enjoys reading, the outdoors (on cloudy days), family time, and traveling. 

Here are a few things she loves about working at GCO:  She enjoys her coworkers, interacting with patients, and she enjoys styling patients with all not only a frame they'll love, she loves guiding them in selecting the right lenses for their lifestyle. 

One of the skills that makes Sheyenne a great optician, is her problem solving skill and being able to jump into any situation.   


Say hello to Kristin.  She enjoys shopping at Hobby Lobby, crafting, hanging out with friends and family, taking trips to the lake. 

Some of Kristin's favorite things about working at GCO include: Working with patients and providing them with the best patient care. 

Kristin is detail oriented and is an outgoing optician.  We're super happy to have as part of our optician team. 

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