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Meet Victoria, our optical wizard. This girl's all about the great outdoors, especially when she's joined by her two furry sidekicks and her awesome boyfriend. Whether she's hiking, fishing, or just taking in the sights, you'll find her soaking up nature's goodness.

Now, let's talk about why Victoria is crushing it as an optician. First off, she's all about getting to know our patients and helping them find the perfect frames that make them feel amazing. And let's not forget those big repair jobs that involve some serious skills like soldering and stapling frames. She's a pro at fixing things up.

But wait, there's more to Victoria than meets the eye. She's a master when it comes to patient care, always making sure they're comfortable and happy. And hey, she's a true chameleon who can adapt to any situation. Talk about a jack of all trades!

So get ready to experience Victoria's optical expertise. With her skills, charm, and all-around awesomeness, she's here to make sure you're seeing clearly and looking fly. We're lucky to have her on our team, bringing that extra sparkle to our optical world.

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Meet Sheyenne, our resident perfectionist. When she's not diving into work, you'll find her nose buried in a good book, embracing the great outdoors (especially on those cloudy days), making memories with her fam, or jetting off on adventures around the globe.

Now, let's talk about why Sheyenne loves being part of the GCO crew. First off, her coworkers are like family to her. She thrives on the camaraderie and good vibes. And when it comes to interacting with patients, she's in her element. She's all about helping them find the perfect frames that make them look and feel fabulous. But here's the real kicker – she's a pro at guiding them in choosing the right lenses to suit their lifestyle.

Oh, and did we mention Sheyenne's problem-solving skills? This girl can tackle any situation like a boss. When things get tough, she's the one who jumps right in to save the day.

So get ready to experience Sheyenne's perfectionism in action. With her attention to detail and knack for problem-solving, she's here to make sure your optical experience is top-notch. We're lucky to have her on our team, bringing that extra touch of perfection to every aspect of our work.


Meet Katelynn, our newest rockstar team member. We're all super stoked to have her on board.

When she's not killin' it at work, Katelynn's all about her adorable son. Watching him grow is her ultimate joy. And let's not forget her love for jet-setting and shopping during her travels. Talk about making the most of those adventures!

But here's why Katelynn is the bomb at GCO. First off, she's all about connecting with new peeps every single day. Meeting new faces and helping patients find their perfect style is what gets her pumped. And hey, she's the tie-breaker opinion when it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses. Her expertise is on point.

Now, let's talk about Katelynn's mad skills. This girl is a quick learner, and she can strike up a convo with absolutely anyone – even the quietest folks. She's a total asset to our practice, bringing her A-game and making a difference every single day.

So get ready to witness Katelynn's awesomeness in action. With her skills, positive vibes, and killer personality, she's here to make your optical experience unforgettable. We're thrilled to have her as part of our crew, adding that extra spark to our practice.

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