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Tylin is our Front Desk Lead. On her spare time, she enjoys watching tv, baking, and organizing anything and everything! 

Her favorite thing about working at GCO is taking care of patients, working alongside her coworkers, and our AMAZING doctors. 


Tylin is a huge asset to our practice. Her problem solving and customer service skills are second to none.

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Yohana is part of our receptionist team.  She enjoys watching movies, sleeping, and family time.  She also loves vacationing and going on walks during the evenings. 


Here are some of her favorite things about work:  The communication our Dr's have with our patients, how dedicated our staff is, and how our Dr's value our team and our patients as well. 


We are so grateful for Yohana.  She's a self motivated, values costumer service, and her communicating  skills are top notch.

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