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Say hello to Jasmin, our multitasking maestro who wears many hats as a scribe, tech, and contact lens clerk. And get this, despite her impressive titles, you'd be surprised to know that Jasmin is actually quite shy!

When Jasmin isn't rocking it at work, she's all about her furry companions. She loves hanging out with her cat and dog, capturing epic shots of her truck, and getting lost in puzzles. Oh, and of course, quality time with her boyfriend is a top priority too.

Let's dive into what makes Jasmin tick at GCO. She's all ears when it comes to listening to and getting to know our patients. Plus, she's totally down for cross-training in different areas of work, keeping things fresh and exciting.

Jasmin is the kind of employee that every team dreams of having. Her flexibility is off the charts, and she's a multitasking wizard. We're lucky to have her on board, bringing those crucial skills to the table.

Rest assured, Jasmin's a true asset to GCO. Her ability to adapt and juggle multiple tasks is a game-changer. We're thrilled to have her as part of our crew.

GCO Business Portraits for Jessica, Marc


Jessica is all about that coffee life, especially since joining us. She's gone head over heels for espresso, and who can blame her? It's a natural side effect of being part of our crew. When she's not buzzing on caffeine, she loves getting lost in a good book and hanging out with her boyfriend and family.

Let's talk about why Jessica digs her job so much. She's all about the teamwork vibes, loving the camaraderie with her fellow teammates. Making a difference in patients' lives gives her a real buzz too. And of course, she can't resist our amazing coffee bar. It's the cherry on top of her workday.

When it comes to getting stuff done, Jessica is a pro. She's a fast learner, and you can always count on her to translate like a boss for our doctors. And hey, she's never fashionably late. Punctuality is her middle name.

Rest easy knowing that Jessica is a total rockstar on our team. She's always pushing for greatness and bringing her A-game.


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