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Say hello to Marci.  She's one of our skilled technicians and scribe.  

Marci enjoys hanging out with friend and family, and loves going on walks with her dog.  She also enjoys traveling and shopping. 

She enjoys learning about eye health and sharing what she learns with our patients.  She also loves our coffee bar. 

Being a tech/scribe is no easy task but she rocks it by using her problem solving skills and the ability to be flexible in order to meet our goal of providing the best care possible. 

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Meet one of our most outgoing Techs.  

Amy loves the fitness lifestyle and enjoys working out and lifting.  She also enjoys the outdoors and loves to hike in forests, mountains, and loves taking in the scenery. 

At work, Amy loves keeping an open mind and learning new things.  Best of all, she enjoys her work environment. 

Consistency and reliability are two key ingredients needed in order to become a successful technician.  Both of which happen to be her best skills. 

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Meet our scribe, tech, and contact lens clerk Jasmin!  based on the titles, would you believe me if I told you Jasmin was shy?

On her spare time, Jasmin enjoys spending time with her cat and dog, capturing epic photos of her truck, and building puzzles.  Oh, she also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend.


Here are a few things Jasmin loves about her job; Listening and getting to know patients, and cross training in other areas of work. 


Jasmin a great employee and she brings two very important skills to GCO.  Her ability to be flexible and her ability to multitask.  

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